About The Cowboy Bar


Cowboy Bar & Supper Club is in a small town in Stillwater County, Montana. A taste of the wild, wild west. Serving the best steaks, seafood and chicken you will ever taste.

Fishtail, Montana

Fishtail General ThumbFishtail General Store
This photo of Fishtail was taken just after the 4th of July, 1910. The old Ford sits in front of the store and across the street, a horse is tied to a hitching rail outside Jewett's Saloon and Dance Hall.
Fishtail is a small unincorporated community in Stillwater County, Montana with beautiful views of the Beartooth Mountains and other unbelievable sights.   It is located on the West Rosebud River. Well known locations include the Cowboy Bar, Potter's Rock Shop and Coffee House, and the Fishtail General Store, founded in 1900.

Fishtail is twenty-five miles southwest of Columbus. It was named for a Mr. Fishtail who resided in the area at. In about 1901 the town became official when aBeartooth Mountains ThumbBeartooth Mountains
The Beartooth Mountains covered in snow.
post office was established to service the surrounding Fiddler, Fishtail and, and Rock Creek area. Stressley Tunnell established a store at the time which was later purchased by the Columbus Mercantile in 1908. The store is still in operation today. The town sits in the foothills and the shadow of the Absaroka Mountain range. Today the town is only one block long, but manages to muster up a two mile long parade (Fishtail Family Fun Day) during the festival it sponsors every summer. It's also known to host one of the biggest yard sales in the state during that same festival.